Never Forget the Snyder Cut

I love Warner Bros

Originally, we were supposed to get a ‘Justice League Part 2’ this year… I am not asking for that. I am asking for the movie that Snyder has already shot and almost completed, I desperately need the Snyder Cut.

I liked Aquaman and the future looks bright for the DCEU. Out of the 6 movies, only one movie commercially flopped for Warner Bros and that was Justice League. While I’m not looking forward to the future of the DCEU, I’m very excited for certain films including Reeves’ Batman, Birds of Prey etc.

What happened to Justice League and Snyder’s vision was terrible and I dare not repeat it. A lot of folks have ‘moved on’ and told others to do the same but I see no reason on why we should ever forget (or in their case, move on) from what Warner Bros did to Justice League. Since always, WB has remained as my favorite studio for their exceptional films and trust in directors. This trust is something they ‘forgot’ to give when it comes to their biggest property, DC. While they have been doing stunning work in other mediums, they keep missing the momentum since Superman II.

AQUAMAN Resurrected the DCEU

Man of Steel and especially Batman v Superman had a huge impact on my life. Aquaman was wonderful, I had some problems with it but its 3rd act was visually stunning and I love James Wan’s way of shooting things which you’d notice in a lot of scenes like the Black Manta chase scene. Aquaman is about to cross $1 Billion at the worldwide box office collections. Anything above $600 million would’ve made WB happy but now the movie is about to cross $1 Billion and boy that’s going to make Kevin Tsuijara and team so happy. I’ll be expecting big DCEU news in the coming weeks. WB has a habit of making good decisions and announcements after a big success of a movie and I’m hearing that we’ll get a New Gods announcement soon from Ava. There is a possibility that we will finally get confirmation that Ben Affleck will reprise the role of the most iconic character in pop culture in Matt Reeves’ new film. A new Shazam trailer is on the way. WB is also relying on the Flash solo to make money ‘The Aquaman/ Wonder Woman way’.

All of the above is happy news for fans of these characters and films. The DCEU has crossed $4 Billion+ with 6 films and why not release the Snyder Cut? Would it hurt anyone a bit? Especially since DC is back in action. Now is a really great time to announce the Snyder Cut.


Months ago, I’ve written a public letter to WB highlighting all the things that has happened for the Snyder Cut campaign and why WB should release it ASAP. The next paragraph that you’re about to read is words coming from a frustrated me, because we’ve been waiting long enough, its time for DC to rise again (Orm reference). We can’t wait 30 years, in fact, I can’t even wait an year for something that matters a lot to me.


In 2017, it was Wonder Woman that made WB super proud and now it’s Aquaman. Who had all this planned out years ago when he was writing the master board for the DC Extended Universe? It was Zack Snyder. He casted Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman and co-wrote the story for her solo movie which went on to become a commercial and critical success. He is also behind the casting of Jason Momoa as Aquaman and Amber Heard as Mera, and now Aquaman will make more than $1 freakin’ Billion worldwide. All this wouldn’t have happened without Zack’s original vision and plan. And yes WB, you fucked up. You screwed up the theatrical release of BvS, I get it. And then you destroyed Justice League, you used Joss Whedon, a freako, to mock Snyder’s previous works with JL and jokes on you, it flopped big time. But I still understand that from your perspective what you did was right. Zack didn’t compromise for Justice League, he didn’t listen to you or anyone after BvS. I get it, he made another visually stunning, jaw dropping and meaningful movie like Man of Steel and Batman v Superman and I get that even though you liked the Snyder Cut, you simple cannot allow it to happen after BvS’ critical disaster. I know that while BvS earned a big profit, you wanted it to make as much money as an MCU movie would make. But with the success of Wonder Woman, Aquaman and even Suicide Squad, you’re back in action. WB, YOU’RE BACK WITH THE MONEY, so, why not thank Snyder and us DCEU fans, with the goddamn Snyder Cut? It wouldn’t hurt a bit. It would be the announcement of the year, the fucking Snyder Cut, a completely different movie, the true continuation of Snyder’s vision following the death of Kal El in BvS. You have the power to break the internet (for real this time). While many would think I’m exaggerating and yes I am but why not just do it for Snyder? The man has given you so much and why not give the audience the movie that Snyder wanted to and did make. A good and non-compromised movie is what we need. To Warner Bros in Rorschach’s words,


I know this article won’t be read by the people that should read this. Well, then I hope atleast the fans read this and if this article boosted the Snyder Cut campaign by 1%, then that’ll make me happy.

yeah, Fuck yeah I wanna see it

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