[MM] Let’s talk Batman v Superman


It’s difficult to return and write about this movie.

Watching Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (BvS) is part of my daily routine. This film means a lot to me and it’s heartbreaking to know more and more everyday about what Justice League could’ve been. I think BvS Ultimate Edition is the best comic book movie ever. 

Let’s discuss. (And if you want to @ me, I’m right here.)

zack batmanZack Snyder’s impact on comic book movies is huge and it’s sad to see him done with it.

For me, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is a Superman story (yes, a true sequel to Man of Steel) that leverages Batman as a villain in it. Snyder borrowed heavily from the source material The Dark Knight Returns and added a little twist to it. He made it better by making Superman the hero and Batman as the one who is wrong.

Today, audiences go to the theaters to escape from the horror of real life. Movies like Deadpool, Ant-Man and the Wasp, and Guardians of the Galaxy provide them happiness and joy that most won’t get in real life. While some use certain comedic and fun movies to escape from the real world, I switch on BvS to do so. It gives me immense pleasure, help, and joy every time I watch it.

To understand BvS, you must understand the filmmaker behind it — Zack Snyder.

He teamed up with the Oscar-winning writer Chris Terrio to craft this visually stunning political thriller. Filmmakers like Snyder prefer to make movies where 50 percent of people love it and the others hate it. It’s way better to make a movie where people are still debating the film unlike a movie where one forgets (i.e., don’t give a fuck) just after he or she leaves the theatre.

BvS is a niche and it’s supposed to be one. Did the film lower your expectations? Fuck the expectations. Made you feel terrible? Nah. Did you hate when Snyder deconstructed two of pop culture’s greatest icons, Batman and Superman? I understand.

In the opening scene, we see Thomas and Martha Wayne brutally murdered in front of young Bruce. This is the first time Bruce becomes afraid. That fear returns when a “Super” man flew across the sky in Metropolis. After his parents death, the film goes straight for the big battle between Kal El and Zod. That is, the movie starts by showcasing the fear of Bruce Wayne.

Batman is shown violent and brutal in the film. Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL have crafted a score for Batman that is very harsh, loud, and violent. He is at his worst as a man who thinks he has seen it all but hasn’t.

“Jesus Christ, he branded him!” [Hans Zimmer music Intensifies]

And then, the film focuses on Superman, the hero of this story.

The world sees Superman as a stranger and a threat to everyone. Snyder puts Superman in our world where people are questioning his existence and meaning in this world. As Snyder focuses on Superman, he showcases Lex Luthor and Lois Lane. Lex Luthor has a similar role to Batman in this movie. They both hate Superman (for different reasons) and Luthor proves why he is the smartest man in the DC Universe.


Both Batman and Superman questioned what they were about to do. Both were unsure about their future. Both were frustrated. And both had to talk to their dads to feel better. (Alfred counts for Bruce.)

“Did the nightmares ever stop?”

“Yeah, when I met your mother, she gave me faith that there’s good in this world. She was my world. I miss you son.”

“I miss you too, dad.”

“You know my father sat me down right here and told me what Wayne Manor was built on.”

“The first generation made their fortune trading with the French–pelts and skins. They were hunters.”

“So falls the house of Wayne.”

Thanks to Ben Affleck’s exceptional acting, Snyder’s visual themes, Larry Fong‘s cinematography, Terrio’s writing and Zimmer’s and Junkie XL’s score, the Martha scene became one of the most beautiful scenes in a superhero movie.

“I’ll make you a promise, Martha won’t die tonight” — Redemption of the Caped Crusader.

“The DC Trinity” appears on screen together for the first time and Superman sacrifices for the world, which inspires Bruce Wayne to unite with other metahumans to protect this fucked-up earth.

Everyday, more and more people love this film after rewatching it. Trust me: Make some orange juice, relax, and watch this movie because Snyder has got so much to tell you through this film. There’s so much more to talk about this movie, so much of Snyder’s brilliant visual story telling, but this is what I’ve got for now.

Until more, see ya!

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