Here is what went behind the scenes of Batman v Superman

Insider’s words:

Backstory: I’ve leaked this before but here it is in more detail because I KNOW this is true. I’m 100% confident. I challenge anyone to disprove this. Zack Snyder pitched Batman v Superman as a 3 hour movie delving into the philosophy of the characters so as to separate themselves from Marvel. Warner Bros approved it. Zack Snyder makes the movie. All the way, everything is getting approved. It’s a 3 hour movie during pre-production but during production and post it turns into 3 and a half. He screens the movie and the studio is happy at the quality but not the length. They say, “Hey, how about cutting it down to 3 hours?”. Zack obliges, because that was the plan. The 3 and a half hour cut (and this is an assumption on my behalf. Not explicitly verified) has a different way of integrating the Justice League characters. The thing is, to cut the film down, much of that had to go. It’s not the Batman v Superman stuff, so Snyder decides to shave that stuff off and contemplates doing a credits sequence with JL cameos. This DEFINITELY existed at some point, but for some reason just never made the final cuts. The 3 hour cut is made and the JL cameos are still different from what we got. This is screened to more people and it gets a standing ovation. Now here’s where it gets hilarious – Warner Bros requests more cuts. Snyder refuses and continues his merry way, even though WB isn’t budging on this. When WB sees he hasn’t cut anything there’s some issues. Warner is now certain that the general audience is going to hate the movie and ask it to be trimmed down. Zack finally agrees and for it work he shoves the JL cameos in through an email scene. No idea why the longer cut has the same cameos, but I guess it’s a canon thing. Zack is convinced his movie was unfairly cut but the people at WB and everyone who has spoken to me says this: “He always shoots too much and then fights with the studio to keep it in.”

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