JL’s Steppenwolf Ciarán Hinds says that the Snyder Cut is better than the theatrical cut

Do you remember our last year’s report of Ciarán Hinds’ thoughts on Justice League? You can read it by clicking here. Well, we got more information from the photographer Jason Laboy who asked the entire Justice League cast about the Snyder Cut. Note that this happened at December 2017’s Ace Comic Con.

The photographer kept it to a single question as it wasn’t his job to ask them questions, but just taking photos of them. They engaged in banter with him after they’ve seen him decked out in JL gear, at that point he presented the question.

DWBYjCsXUAE5fmv.jpg large.jpg

“What’s up with the Snyder Cut”

Ciarán Hinds (Steppenwolf):

“That wasn’t the movie I worked so hard on. We hope the director’s cut comes out because it was better than the movie in the theaters”

JL-comic-con-trailer-screencaps-69 (1)

According to Jason, Ciarán Hinds & his people were ‘visibly upset’.

Here is how the rest of the cast replied (According to the photographer)

I can also say that the cast, when I asked them “What’s up with that Snyder cut?” ,
Ray looked to me with a big smile and wide eyes & did the sign “my lips are sealed”, the others smiled & said “Sorry we can’t talk about it” only Ciaran openly said he wants “the director’s cut”.

Should we take the smile as just being polite or a sign of something else?

Photographer’s reply:

Something else. It wasn’t a polite smile, it was a “I wish I could tell you but I’m under strict rules, so I can’t” smile

I’m here to remind you that Justice League is already released on digital & will be released in blu-ray soon. Here’s a suggestion: DON’T BUY IT

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