JL: The Snyder Cut-Biggest Articles of 2017

Happy New Year to all our readers

Superhero Talk Site was founded in February of 2017 and as we got to 2018, we have become bigger and better. We are now Cinema Cure. 2017 has been great and we are looking forward to 2018 where we will witness a ton of exciting things in film.

Here are the most popular articles that I’ve published on Cinema Cure based on web traffic.

1. Read Zack Snyder’s version and all Deleted Scenes of Justice League

Cinema Cure were the first to cover the deleted scenes of Justice League. Many youtubers have discussed this article including director Kevin Smith, Tyrone Magnus and others.

2. ResetEra Insider Leaks Snyder’s Original Cut Details

Our Top 2 articles were both related to the Snyder Cut of Justice League which shows how much the fans want Warner Bros. to release the cut.

3. Zack Snyder’s DC Films helped people overcome depression and suicidal thoughts

This is the most heart-warming article I’ve written where several people around the world from all backgrounds tell us how Man of Steel & Batman v Superman helped them overcome through tough times in life.

4. From SnyderosList of Fake DCEU Rumors

When it comes to the DCEU, there is always rumors which circulates the internet and our author has written down 100s of rumors from each DCEU film which turned out to be wrong. This should make people stop believing rumors and just wait for official news.

5. From Snyderos, Justice League 30 minute Footage Review

This was the review of the 30 minute Justice League footage shown to Chinese audience after the premiere at China.

All 5 is related to DC as most of our articles are DC related.  We have been writing articles on Marvel, Star Wars & others as well in 2017. We will have more Marvel related & Star Wars related articles and stuff in 2018.

Wanna join Cinema Cure as a contributor to write on films? Comment here or most preferably contact me on twitter @CinemaCure


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