Batman v Superman Wasn’t the Only Kryptonite Of Justice League

​Let’s start with a passionate DC Fan’s story on his BvS and JL experience.


For Batman v Superman I bought the OST (twice for me and as a gift) I saw it 3 times in IMAX on opening weekend. I saw it with 7 ppl on opening weekend & I saw it about 4 times after that making sure to bring friends every time. I told all my friends and family how great it is.

I only saw Justice League once. The end.

Avengers made $1.5 Billion and it’s freaking disappointing that Justice League can’t even cross $700 Million. Like the Wrap article said, BvS was indeed Justice League’s kryptonite and the reason for why the general audience didn’t show up for JL. Some were so burned up by BvS that even Gal Godot’s presence as Diana didn’t save the film. Even the 2-hour run-time didn’t help. The fans who think that Snyder’s cut would’ve crossed the $1 Billion mark are very wrong. But they do have a little point, I can see Snyder’s version of Justice League to cross at least $750M. The passionate fan’s story and many others thoughts on the film proves this. In fact, the DC Fans were the other/ the 2nd kryptonite and the reason for the failure of Justice League. While the general audience liked the film, the film lost the support and care from the DC Fans who would’ve asked others to watch JL (if they like it). They would’ve even watched it several times themselves if it wasn’t a committee made movie.

Note: There are many other reasons for the box office failure of JL including the choice of releasing it b/w Thor Ragnarok and The Last Jedi

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