Read Zack Snyder’s version and all deleted scenes of Justice League

These scenes were done before the re shoots and were only shown to WB Executives aka idiots who don’t appreciate art.

  1. LONGER: Began with Bruce recruiting Aquaman. It was basically the same scene as I saw in the theatrical version this weekend. However, some lines were added by Whedon and some Zack bits were cut. Aquaman was originally more resilient and shut-off to Bruce here.
  2. DELETED: Barry Allen saving Iris West by breaking the glass.
  3. LONGER: History Lesson. But just by some bits. What I was most surprised by was that WB cut out dialogue by the Green Lantern, Zeus and even Ares (Yes, he was there too). They had a couple of lines each. As did Robin Wright and Hippolyta. They just kept the action in and clicked out all dialogue, I guess.
  4. DELETED: After taking the Mother Box from Themiscyra, Steppenwolf actually “talks” to the Box. His mother, Heggra’s essence is alive in the Mother Boxes and bringing them all together would unleash her powers – finally giving Steppenwolf an edge over his uncle – Darkseid. That is what his plan was originally. I thought for sure that they would keep this scene in because they used a dialogue from this scene in the trailers – “No protectors here. No Lanterns. This world will fall. You will be free, mother.”
  5. DELETED – Cyborg’s previous life. He plays a great football match that his MOTHER (Yes, she was cast as well) attends. Afterwards, they drive home. Victor is angry that his Dad never made it while his mother tries to console him. Victor just keeps getting angry and lashing out, loses control of the car – causing a fiery crash.
  6. LONGER – The Gordon scene had a little setup that I didn’t see in the theatrical version. Gordon dismisses a Junkie and tells him to “get better at life” before another cop comes to him with drawings of Parademons. His conversation with the League also ran longer. First, he asks Wonder Woman “if she’s the same woman he keeps seeing reports of in London”. Then, he asks Cyborg “how does he eat? Does he even need to?”.
  7. DELETED: After the attack on Atlantis, Aquaman consults with Mera and Vulko over what he should do next. Mera wants him to stay as King because she “doesn’t trust Orm”. Vulko wants him to do what his heart says. Aquaman confesses that he feels a responsinility to help the people on Earth.
  8. DELETED: The League visits the Batcave. Alfred has humorous reactions to the League. Bruce Wayne talks about a “nightmare” he had. He believes that Steppenwolf will try and resurrect the power of Superman and “that they must do it first unless they want to fight an Evil Kryptonian too.”
  9. CHANGED: Superman’s resurrection was ONLY possible because Cyborg detects foreign genetic material in his DNA a.k.a the Codex. This is the final confirmation needed that Superman can be brought back to life after all. Then, the revival happens pretty much the same.
  10. DELETED: Deathstroke breaks Lex out of prison. They part ways because the cops are hot on their trail – deciding to meet up later at “the location they discussed”.
  11. DELETED: Kent Farm. Superman brings Lois here. however, he is still very confused and not knowing what’s happening. Bystanders are looking at him and clicking his photos. This confuses him further and he actually tries to attack the civilians with his laser-eyes before Lois manages to calm him down. Superman tells her that “the voices won’t shut up”. Later, Martha shows up here and Clark and Lois are already inside the house. Clark is calmer now but still very confused – his powers are going haywire and his senses are heightened. Martha gives the “Picture the world as an Island. Follow my voice and come back to me” speech from MoS. It seems to calm him down. Later, Clark is wearing his shirt when he sees Pa Kent (Yes, Costner was here too) out in the fields. He goes out to see him. Pa Kent talks about “embracing who you really are”. He tells Clark that “you have to make peace with who you are. You have the power to change the world and you can do that as anyone, good character or bad.” Clark finally embraces Superman as a part of him when Lois walks out. Clark confirms their engagement, Lois breaks down because she wasn’t strong enough. Then, Martha comes out too as Clark decides to help the League and flies off. That’s how it happened in my version. I may have paraphrased some dialogue but that was basically it.
  12. DELETED: Clark heads up to meet Alfred and get his suit.
  13. DELETED: Steppenwolf’s second conversation with Heggra. Now that he has all three Mother Boxes – her return to this world can begin.
  14. CHANGED: Bruce’s conversation with Diana after Superman returns. Diana comes in to pop Bruce’s shoulder and tend to his injuries. Bruce reveals that he is willing to die to save the world. In fact, he says “he deserves to die because of what he’s done. He’s killed people and nothing, not even his hate for Superman can justify killing like that”. Diana tells him that “he’s changed now” but Bruce remains adamant that he can only atone himself by sacrificing his life.
  15. CHANGED: Bruce’s Batmobile is headed to certain death during the finale when Wonder Woman and Aquaman interfere and save his life. They tell him that dying in battle won’t do anything and he must live to keep the fight going.
  16. CHANGED: Superman joins the fight and teams up with the League to defeat Steppenwolf. However, at one point, Steppy tries to tempt Superman into joining his army and we see Darkseid (for the first time) in Superman’s vision and we see flashes of the Knight-mare footage. However, Superman SNAPS back from it and delivers the final blow to Steppy, defeating him.
  17. DELETED: Steppenwolf is killed by Darkseid on Apokolips. Darkseid intends to come to Earth to “meet the Kryptonian”. This was deleted early on when Zack was still there.
  18. ALTERNATE ENDING WE WERE SHOWN: Cyborg tries to separate the Mother Boxes while Heggra keeps trying to talk him away. Furious, Steppenwolf grabs him and rips him apart – essentially killing him.
  19. ALTERNATE ENDING (2): Bruce and Barry place Victor’s “body” in the Batcave. Bruce comments that “his organic tissue is dead but it may be possible to reignite his mechanical parts”. Barry promises to help however he can.
  20. DELETED: Aquaman meets Mera off the village coast and agrees to come back. Barry steps into the library, Iris smiles at him cutely.
  21. DELETED: Lois introduces Perry White to “Clark Kent a.k.a Superman” (shot of Lois and Clark. Laurence as Perry wasn’t shown as he was not available for a day’s work on JL)
  22. The original after credit scene that was shot in principal photography was Bruce being woken in the night in his lake house by a green light and being visited by Tomar Re and Kilowog. It was cut fairly early on during post.

Note: Alternate Endings were shown to the audience so that spoilers don’t leak.

Let WB know what the fans want. Sign this petition and spread the word : Release Zack Snyder’s Director’s Cut and Tom Holkenborg’s (Junkie XL) Score for Home Release(150,000 signs already!):


I’m looking forward to whatever he does next (The Fountainhead/The Last Photograph) without studio meddling.

Source: DL

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54 thoughts on “Read Zack Snyder’s version and all deleted scenes of Justice League

    1. Their relationship was supposed to be altered in DCEU. That news was going around before the movies release.


  1. Some of those scene seem just as dumb as the actual movie.

    -Barry using his powers out in public like that? What the eff?
    -That extra dialogue by Gordon on the roof seems completely unnecessary and I can see why it was cut
    -why does Bruce think that Superman will be resurrected by Steppenwolf? Because of his dream? But he had the dream before Superman died. I would think that HE’D think he changed that future by now
    -Pa Kent in the cornfield seems way too “Field of Dreams” and once again we’d have another unexplained scene of Clark talking to his dead dad. Why is this his new power? I’m glad that was cut. Instead that conversation should be taking place with Martha.
    -The Deathstroke/Luther part being saved as a post credit scene…. that was better that way. In the middle of the movie would’ve made no sense at all.

    There are some really essential things that got cut tho.

    -Hearing Zues, and Ares talk and possibly mention each other’s names would have gone a long way to explaining that scene a lot better to those who don’t know the lore (ie CRITICS)
    -Aquaman CHOOSING to come help makes more sense because supposedly he didn’t wanna be told what to do. But as soon as Mera told him to go fight Steppenwolf he’s all like “yes ma’am”
    -Hearing Steppenwolf explain the reason for why he needs to unify the mother box’s and hearing him explain that his endgame is to defeat Darkseid would’ve been a nice change to the “conquer the world” plot that is so old and cliché. It also helps explain why Darkseid doesn’t come down himself (because he didn’t even know about Steppenwolf going to Earth yet)
    -Batman’s attempted self sacrifice would’ve gave that scene some more weight and drama instead of just being a CGI extravaganza…. BAD cgi at that.
    -That ending with Darkseid would’ve been nice to see

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  2. I just saw some ACTUAL deleted scenes and they do NOT confirm this source’s version of the movie at ALL.

    Barry doesn’t see Iris at a library. He’s at a coffee shop and she crashes her car and he goes through the glass door in order to save her life as she’s flying through the air outside on the street.

    This source is full of it.

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  3. Um, sorry, but the best thing Snyder did was LEAVE the WB studio. I’m sorry, but his movies SUCK. Justice League was cool, but it was cool IN SPITE of him, not because of him.

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  4. This sound as convoluted and overblown as the actual movie. The whole franchise has been weighed down by the BvS trainwreck, and there is NO version of this movie that wouldn’t have suffered because of it.


  5. I dunno if these scenes are correct, but you can tell by watching the movie (and the trailers) that a lot was cut out. It’s ridiculous that WB would even want all this cut! We need a directors cut, we need to see the deleted content. Zack is good at fleshing out characters, and it’s a disgrace that they let the final cut hit theaters.


  6. You guys are the laughing stock of the world. Please know that. Please know the entire world is laughing its ass off at the idiots who set up a petition because they worship that diseased lunatic and think his fever dreams are art. We’ve been laughing at your rages against critics and Rotten Tomatoes, at your conspiracy theories about Disney, but this petition is too much. Please god, recognize what fools you’ve made of yourselves.

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  7. Seems bloated. Lotta unnecessary scenes that were rightfully cut out. But any scenes involving character development (especially for steppenwolf) should have been left in.


  8. Not sure if you are joking or not… Movie is a disaster as is, don’t think I could withstand extended edition…


  9. Well, I am happy watever they did, for me the best onscreen Superman yet. and no point of fighting over deleted scenes. Anyway they will release a director’s cut. (Something called Marketing Strategy) In that case we will have two JL movies 😉


  10. I’m not sure what people are thinking. Based on what we’ve seen in Batman v Superman and Man of Steel, Snyder wasn’t capable of handling Justice League. I think it’s pretty clear Whedon fixed this the best he could and we got the best possible version of Justice League we could have from the mess Snyder started.

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  11. This supposed to be DC fans are becoming extremists that they want the DCEU fans to be miserable. Damn, people forget that the DC superheroes represent ideals and values of kindness. Why can’t you let fans have their fun for the moment? You are becoming MONSTERS!


    1. You haven’t been reading DC comics much in the past 6 to 10 years. Anyway, the characters are experiencing the darkness before their redemption. I think Snyder’s version would have made that more clear, particularly Batman’s regret at being less careful resulting in the deaths seen in BvS.


  12. You guys do understand what a first cut means right? it would cost millions of dollars in post-production for Zack and WBs to finish his film, excluding many re-shoots Snyder himself would have to do to make the story flow and make sense (because most big movies have re-shoots, it’s not a bad thing). I know some of you might say “I don’t care if it’s finished, just give me his first cut no post-production” but I can guarantee you will get mad at the movie even more.


  13. What of those two scenes in the trailer? The first being the “He said you’d come. Now let’s hope you’re not too late.” The second being Bruce looking at a hologram that was reportedly Supergirl.


  14. Whether this is real or someone adding to what has already been seen in trailers, leaks and confirmed scenes from visual effects people, I still think this is a much better and more satisfying sounding film. With a couple of caveats.
    I would still have re-shot the ending so Cyborg doesn’t die as I think his story going from tragedy to something more hopeful is much more satisfying.
    I would have cut the ‘Mother’ element.
    I think the codex DNA thing is superfluous. A mother box can do crazy things, we don’t need that.
    I’d cut Jonathan Kent doing his Obi Wan impression (again).
    I think you could lose the whole dream sequence where the mother box attempts to turn Clark, I think keeping him as the savior of the team works well.
    Otherwise I think this stuff is great. It works as both a sequel to the previous two films about Superman and also addresses unanswered stuff from BvS. The ‘Knightmare’ for example. It is still something I would have cut from BvS altogether but as it is at least it serves some purpose here.
    I love that it’s not Clark being evil but being confused by the sensory bombardment he gets upon his resurrection. This makes sense as we see his perspective and in X ray vision no one seems friendly. This is established as being hard for Kryptonians to deal with and it’s a lovely reprise for Martha that it’s her and Lois that bring him back. It also links back to the Flash scene in BvS in a more satisfying way than we get. I’d still have cut that from BvS though.
    Finally, Bruce feeling guilty for killing. While this feels like a retcon, much like addressing the damage Superman caused in MoS, at least it’s consistent to the themes in the movies. It makes sense in isolation, just not when you watch the warehouse scene and see how few f**ks he’s giving killing those guys.
    One thing I’d have loved, just because it would drive a lot of really annoying people so crazy is if when Superman says “do you bleed?” Batman said while struggling “Martha” which gives Supes a moments pause, so Bats can say “I saved Martha”…..Superman pauses. Then Lois arrives. It would A make some sense and B really piss off the very vocal haters of BvS. Win win. This is 100% trolling mind haha.


  15. Pffft…Haven’t we heard tbis argument before?! If only and the film would have been better.
    Snyder had his shot at two films, they were not good…but yeh this third shot would have made all the difference.
    DC need to just go on hiatus.


  16. Pffft…Haven’t we heard this argument before?! If only (enter lame excuse) and the film would have been better.
    Snyder had his shot at two films, they were not good…but yeh this third shot would have made all the difference.
    DC need to just go on hiatus.


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